The Smaraka Samithi was formed in 1973 with the sole purpose of bringing into light the works of the Mahakavi Dasu Sriramulu garu and create larger awareness of his contribution to literature, Arts and Culture and avoid all his contributions pass into oblivion. The great poet wrote 4 Swarajitulu, 26 Devatakrutulu, 23 Padamulu, 24 Jaavaleelu, 1 Thillana, 2 Mangala Haratis, 26 books including the great epic Devi Bhagavatam and 6 Satakas. Out of these through the efforts of the Samithi 11 books including Devi Bhagavatam and a book containing his musical compositions (Kruthis,Padams,Javalis) with musical notations could be printed and released. The achievements are highly commendable. Here is the story about the samithi and its members .


Way back in 1973 two literature buffs attending a meeting at Hyderabad┐s famous Sri Krishnadevaraya Andhra Bhasha Nilayam, surveyed the photographs of prominent men and women of letters dotting the Hall of Fame and noted that the portrait of one eminent figure was conspicuous by its absence The portrait that ought to be there was of Mahakavi Dasu Sreeramulu, the 19th century multi-faceted genius and author of Devi Bhagavatham in Telugu. The young men, Dasu Atchuta Rao (II) and Dasu Damodara Rao (II), great grandsons of the mahakavi, brought this to the notice of the Bhasha Nilayam authorities who said they would be too happy to have Sreeramulu┐s photo adorn the Nilayam .

The ready response spurred bigger and more ambitious ideas in the minds of Atchuta Rao and Damodara Rao who decided not only to provide the portrait but to bring to light the works of Srirama kavi for the benefit of the younger generation and to create larger awareness of his contribution to literature, arts, culture and social reforms. Soon, the idea transformed into their brainchild, the Mahakavi Dasu Sreeramulu Smaraka Samiti (MDSSS) with Dasu Padmanabha Rao(I) as the president, in 1973. The other following office-bearers were:

Dasu Padmanabha Rao

Dasu Sreeramulu
Vice President

Dasu Atchyuta Rao

Dasu Damodara Rao
Joint Secretary

Dasu Sankarshana Rao
Joint Secretary

The samiti took up a number of activities to highlight and perpetuate the accomplishments of Dasu Sreeramulu such as retrieval and reprinting of the works,besides organizing literary and cultural meetings. Following is the chronological enumeration of the activities.