Dasu Family Tree from 1560

Dasu Family Tree from 1846

About Sreeramulu Dasu

Kesava Rao     Narayana Rao     Madhava Rao     Govinda Rao     Vishnu Rao     Madhusudhana Rao

This site is created to document Dasu family tree. Information in this site is mainly collected by Dasu Hari Narayana Rao. It is meant as a platform for tracing the ancestral geneology and convey the relationship of all the descendent members of the Dasus.

The genealogy of Dasu family can be traced back to 1560 with Mr,Raghunath Rao as the earliest known member of this family hailing from Dharwad now in Karnataka state of India. Currently information pertaining to 15 generations is documented.

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